KRUMPの世界大会で数々の優勝歴を誇り、KRUMPの創設者であり、神と崇められる“TIGHT EYEX”に認められ、
日本人で初めてTIGHT EYEX FAMのMember(家族)となった、HINATA。

同年日本で開催されたKING  OF BUCK9“AsiaCup”(KOB)でも優勝を掴みこの年二冠を達成する。


その後、ドイツで開催されたEBS2019で見事優勝を果たし、KRUMP界におけるメジャータイトル” ILLEST” ”KOB” ”EBS”の三冠を達成する。

ダンサーのみならず、ファッション、アパレル業界に於いても、TOKYO girl's collection  teen summer2021にゲスト出演を果たし、自身のブランド” MADE FAMOUS”を所属するMINDstyleと共に立ち上げ、世界展開を目指している。


HINATA has won numerous championships in the KRUMP world. She has long drawn the attention of TIGHT EYEX, the founder of KRUMP and also widely recognized as the God of KRUMP, and eventually became the first Japanese member of TIGHT EYEX FAM.  Please let us elaborate on how she fascinated the entire world with her small figure and through her numerous accomplishments here…

Back in 2017, Hinata participated European Buck (money) Session (EBS) KRUMP World Championship in Germany for the first time and went home with the 2nd place title.
 In the following year, 2018, Hinata won her 1st world championship title at ILLEST in France.
She won 1st place at KING OF BUCK 9 (KOB) in Japan in the same year and became a winner of two major KRUMP world championship titles in 2018.

In 2019, Hinata signed a management deal with MINDstyle and is transforming from a world-class dancer to a one-of-a-kind, top professional artist.

She participated in the EBS KRUMP World Championship again and won the championship title in 2019.
This made her a holder of the three biggest KRUMP championship titles in the world: "ILLEST" (2018), "KOB" (2018) and "EBS" (2019).

Hinata is now expanding her talent into different industries and made a guest appearance in TOKYO Girl's Collection Teen Summer fashion show in 2021. She is also launching her own lifestyle/apparel brand "MADE FAMOUS" with MINDstyle, aiming for global expansion.

While Hinata shines as a dancer with her outstanding skills and powerful performance, she is still a junior high school student and has an innocent appearance that attracts many people all over the world.

Her breakthrough is limitless, and it won't be long before she becomes a leading entertainer in the world.